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So.. Where should I shop?

At nothing else, every boutique buyer should visit the Off Price Show and the Magic Show in Las Vegas twice a year. Here you will find a plethora of manufacturers and clothes that will help shape your boutique. Remember, bring lot’s of business cards and take lots of notes!

Online buying is the fastest and easiest way to bring in the latest trends but be weary of many sites that aren’t from the U.S. as I have had personal trouble with these but otherwise there are a ton of great websites to help fill your boutique. I am sure many of you are here for some direct links to trustworthy sites, so I will get to the point and post my three favorite sites below. Be sure to check out some of the pages and articles on this site for suggestions and advice. Also I would love to hear from you and get some comments and input on some of your experience operating your boutique.

1.) Affordable and Trendy:

2.) Anything and Everything at regular prices:

3.) Latest trends and moderate pricing:

Know what styles are trending, get magazines! watch a ton of designer television, listen to customers feedback and desires. Be really disciplined in your research and try to find those excellent styles that your community will love (Every community has different tastes!)



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