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Fall Fashion Trend – The Sweater

1. Oversized sweaters. The bigger the better, or not to big? Who ever said size does not matter, clearly never wore or seen a sophisticated boho oversized sweater paired with anything, especially skinny pants and jeans. I have seen sweater continue to grow over the last two years and with the latest boho trend to sweep the country I am not surprised this wildly trending fashion has made its way into Fall.

2. Metallic sweaters are really hot this season, which is perfect cause they can go from office hours to late night dinners or even cocktails. They look great and yet have a certain effortlessness to them. If your not sure what a metallic sweater looks like google it real quick and you will soon find out that these sweaters are not really made of metal..

3. Turtleneck sweaters. The seventies just might be on there back! That or just a great solution to keep your neck warm this cold Winter. These sweaters feature loose to skin tight collars and rolled to messy turtles necks. Whatever the style, they’re all in and work great with over sized or tight sweaters.

4. Chunky sweaters are the best fashion 2015 invention ever and they are super in right now. There not just for weekends or mountain trips, but for everyday, no matter the occasion. I first saw this trend taken on by the younger crowd last year but it has turned into a great trend for all demographics.

5. Cable knit sweaters.Are we surprised? It seems cable knit sweaters always find themselves back into the Fall trends every other year. Now the revamped version of those ugly sweaters from the past are getting a boho twist on them lately. In my opinion there’s something very winter’ish about cable knit sweaters and it should be no surprise they continue to be seen.



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