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We Need to Take Back Fashion

The bottom line is that fashion boutiques shouldn’t exist. That is to say if the consumer is in search of the most value then shopping at a Ma and Pa shops is not the financially feasible route.  Boutiques will never be able to compete with the slashed prices of a Walmart, Target, Forever21 and even Nordstroms and that is understandable considering the massive bulk buying power that these retailers possess.However a boutique can serve a major purpose in a communities retail experience, because what the boutique has over the large retailer is that they understand their customer better then any large company that competes with them.

I was once a buyer for Marshall’s and the most difficult aspect of my job was purchasing for multiple regions, like the South, Mid, East and West Coast. The fashion trends that existed in each region was vastly different one another and even communities that are geographically 5-10 miles from each other can have major contrasting trends.  Your local boutiques no better then any retailer what their customers are going to desire and this is because boutique owners are constantly talking to customers, getting daily input about what customers like and dislike. A chain store like TJ MAXX does not and will never possess this ability to get these close intimate relationships with their customers.

I do like shopping at Nordstroms, Anthropologie and the likes, but nothing takes the place of visiting a unique boutique with a new fashion flavor.  I can’t get enough of the homie experience shopping at local stores and as I got older I appreciate that I am directly supporting my community by shopping at local stores. All around its just the best way to go!




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