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USA Wholesale Clothing

When a customer shops at a local boutique they are giving back to their community by shopping local and at a small business. This niche that the boutique market appears to cover is exemplified by the decision many boutiques make to carry strictly USA made clothing.  If this is the direction you plan on taking your business then allow this list of legitimate and proven USA clothing wholesalers help you carry out that goal.

Wholesale Clothing Factory –

This site carries a large selection of made in usa clothing. The site features trendy and contemporary styles at moderate prices. –

This site carries a ton of manufacturers who deal with strictly selling domestic made clothing.  As a former employee of a manufacturer who made solely USA clothing it was interesting to learn that the main reason they do this is to make the latest trends and have the quickest turnover of product for their customers.

Good Stuff Apparel –

This site carries a good amount of Made in USA clothing and the reason I wanted to highlight it is because they also provide USA clothing at substantially low prices compared to most wholesalers.

Wholesale Fashion Square –

This site is similar to Good Stuff Apparel in that it concentrates on providing low affordable prices on its wholesale merchandise.  It also carries a wealth of styles and new trends made from the good old USA.

Wholesale Central –

This site is a directory and rather then curating a selection of wholesalers they pretty much add anyone to their lists who pays a yearly subscription to be on their site. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily but just know you will need to browse through some long lists to find that perfect vendor. Good news is it’s a great place to find all of the USA wholesalers.




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