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What Makes a Great Wholesale Clothing Distributor

Finding good wholesale clothing distributors to supply your boutique is crucial.  There are different methodologies you can take to find a handful of great suppliers and one might be to test the waters with as many suppliers as you can. I think this is a great strategy but I also wanted to highlight a couple key identifiers that you can look for when finding a legitimate wholesale clothing distributor.

1.) Where is the warehouse located?

This can be important to find out about the supplier you are browsing to see if they are legitimate and based in the USA. This information can usually be found in the about page or listed at the bottom of the site. Once you have retrieved the address check it out in google maps and google street image to see if it is in the USA and is a warehouse. The reason we want to check if it is a warehouse is because sometimes the address will be an office building and the warehouse will actually be in China or Mexico. What’s wrong with the warehouse in China or Mexico? Well maybe nothing but from my experience the if the company is out of China the service is usually worse and the product takes a long time to ship. I find that most good wholesalers are based out of the Los Angeles district.

2.) Strong Social Media Presence?

You can really separate a lot strong companies from weaker ones from their social media presence. If the company has a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog, etc. and is regularly posting to these platforms then this means they are well staffed and will probably provide the best customer service. Customer service is really important and it is no shock that you will want to work with a company that is prompt to answer your inquiries.

3.) Good Reviews?

This strategy is a no brainer these days but nevertheless I am going to mention it because everyone should do a quick google review search of the company that they are just about to spend a couple hundred dollars at.  Yelp, google and other review sites will not give you the full story of a company but at least give you a sense of comfort that this is a legitimate site. You also want to avoid sites with fake reviews. I tend to see fake review posted on the actual site rather then on Yelp. It is much harder to find fake review on Yelp because of their secure systems but if you see over-the-top good reviews on the actual website this is usually a red flag to me.



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