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Trend Alert: Off-The-Shoulder Tops


Trends have a habit of popping up just when you’ve completely forgotten they ever existed (hello, flare jeans!). This season, we’re biting the bullet & baring it all—at least when it comes to our shoulders. This blast from the (more recent) past was all the rage in the ‘90s—but upon its return, it’s a little less grunge, a little more feminine & the perfect accompaniment to spring denim. Here’s how to wear off-the-shoulder tops—from beginner to advanced—all spring long.


The cold-shoulder trend has graced us with its presence for spring, and it just so happens to be the perfect way to ease yourself into showing a little skin. The great thing about a cold-shoulder top? You can keep the rest of your arms covered (if you’re not ready to flaunt it all), but the peek-a-boo cutouts reveal just enough to keep them guessing.

Stylist Tip: When it comes to flaunting your shoulders, there’s one thing that’s always top of mind: what bra to wear. Lucky for you, this shoulder-showing trend lends itself well to your classic everyday bra styles.


Ready to graduate from the cold-shoulder, but not sure about going totally off-the-shoulder? Here’s where you can pay homage to the ‘90s & approach this trend with a slouchy, one-shoulder look. Try a peasant-style blouse that has a flexible neckline (read: elastic) so you have control when you tug it nonchalantly off your shoulder.

Stylist Tip: Look for a comfortable strapless or convertible bra if you’re going to go one-shoulder for spring.


Subtly sexy, but never too revealing, a full-on off-the-shoulder top will make even Kelly Kapowski jealous. Try this warm-weather staple now & get a head start on your head-turning style come summer. Paired with flare jeans or faithful skinnies, this pro-level look will really test your style chops. YOLO.

Stylist Tip: There’s no way around it with this style, so splurge on a high-quality, perfect-fitting strapless bra if you’re baring all this spring.



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