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Finding your Style

I’ve been spending some time talking to my friends who own women’s clothing boutiques about how they decided what their boutique’s style would be. A lot of them have told me that it was an evolution. They started with an idea of what they wanted. They ordered clothes that were their own style. But over the years as they have become more familiar with the neighborhood they are in they have evolved their boutiques to include clothing that fits the style of the neighborhood.
One of my friends noticed that many mothers were coming in with their daughters to shop. She started to think…am I missing out on an opportunity here? She answered her own question by purchasing some items that were ‘for mom.’ They were a hit! Moms and daughters love to try on clothes together…seems obvious but for a little boutique you are not always thinking about offering a selection for a wide variety of generations.
Another friend of mine started a boutique aimed at her age group…30 and 40 somethings. As she got to know the neighborhood she noticed that next door was an ice cream parlor where high schoolers would hand out every day after school and on the weekends. She didn’t see how she couldn’t take advantage of this audience. She changed up her look to include a selection for juniors. It wasn’t exactly the boutique she had envisioned originally but she needed up loving having the chance to get to know some of the local kids and even help a few of them pick out their prom dresses in her store!
Moral of the story…know your neighborhood…know your audience!



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