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To Shop Small or Not to Shop Small

Every boutique owner, every small business owner in fact, can’t help but hold a grudge against ‘the big guys.’ Walmart, Forever 21, the list goes on and on. The immense selection and prices they can offer make it impossible to compete. So we don’t. Instead we are forced to hope that the average person will continue to enjoy the boutique ‘shop small’ experience. So far some of us have been able to survive, and even thrive, off of these individuals. But it IS NOT easy.
As a small business owner we can’t buy in bulk. We can’t count on consistency in demand. And we struggle to ride the seasonal waves. But we do it because we love what we do. We love providing an experience to the customer that they won’t find at ‘the big guys.’ We love wrapping their selections in tissue paper, a cute bag, and sending them home with something of quality that they will find joy in wearing. So, through thick and through very thin, I join the chorus and chant, shop small my friends, shop small.



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