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It’s all about who you hire

It’s not always easy to manage your boutique, supervise your employees and be your boutique’s buyer all at the same time. But such is the job of a boutique owner! The temptation is to spend all of your time at the store, on the floor, making your customers happy. But that is what you are paying your staff to do! 
Having two sales associates on the floor throughout the day is enough for most boutiques. If you hire people you trust, with experience, you don’t need to worry when you step away and get other business taken care of. You will need to pay higher wages for the experience, but you will not regret the decision. Not only will you feel secure in leaving the store…your sales will increase because customers will have the help they need when selecting merchandise.
When interviewing think about the values you hold dear and make sure that your employees feel the same. Your boutique should create an ‘experience’ for shoppers and you need staff who are warm, friendly, and professional. You may opt for a trial period for new employees to make sure they are a fit for your boutique. Just make sure your expectations are clear so that new hires can work to achieve and exceed them.
So boutiquers…make life easier for yourself. Your boutique will be more successful if you can focus on buying, marketing and oversight.



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