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Small Business Owner and a Mom. Or Vice Versa?

When I decided to open my small business selling women’s apparel I was largely making the decision as a mom. The job I had at the time was your typical 9 to 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 and I felt I was missing precious moments in my child’s life. So my brilliant idea was to open my own business… Let me tell you I have never found a career more rewarding. But do I spend more time with my kids now? Not much. Sure I don’t have a commute and I make my own hours. But I am also responsible for EVERY aspect of my business. It’s not a job I can do from home.
Moms all try and ‘have it all.’ An amazing fulfilling career that allows them to be there as their kids grow up. It doesn’t really exist. What does exist is finding the right balance for yourself. For me it has been balancing my hours in the store versus at home/kids school/etc. The proportions are never perfect and I usually end up spending late nights catching up on ‘the business’ part of the business. But hey, at least I have found joy in what I do…and that is as great an example as I can provide to my little one.



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