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End of Summer Sale

No matter how many years I have been in the boutique business every summer I find myself in a dilemma. When to stop selling summer apparel and start selling fall? The answer seems obvious…when the temperature changes, duh! But that’s not how my customers think. When late August rolls around and it is still over 100 degrees in the shade my customers are thinking I don’t want to buy this cute dress because I’ll only be able to wear it once or twice before the summer ends. 
This leads to the beauty of the transition from season to season…the end of season blowout sale! Customers will not hesitate to buy cute summer trends when they can justify it as ‘so cheap’ and ‘an investment in next summer.’ My sales usually run from end of August through mid September. I will tell you I often find my sales are so successful I have to purchase additional summer stock to continue to take advantage of the interest.
My favorite thing about my end of the year summer sale, which is different from my 4th of July and Memorial Day sale, is that it primarily benefits my local customers. By end of August the tourists are gone, their kids back in school. So it is my regulars who are shopping.
Cheers to another successful transitional season for all!



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