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Utilizing Wholesale Directories

It is very important to expose yourself to as many wholesalers as you can. It gives you the buyer more power and leverage to find the right clothes and right prices. When I first started browsing for wholesalers it was very helpful to go through sites like Although this site and others like it don’t provide every wholesaler out there, they’re at least a place to start. I would say there only downside is they charge a fee to sign up and thus some wholesalers will forego paying the 500 dollar fee and not be on that directory even though they are a good legitimate wholesaler. This is also another reason why I wanted to make a good directory list because I thought I could save people some time when searching for wholesalers and also uncover a couple companies they may have never come across.

Wholesale directories aren’t just online, they are at shows as well! I’ve stressed the importance of going to shows like the ASD show, Magic show, Off Price show and browsing the thousands of wholesalers that exhibit at these shows. Getting to meet the sellers and owners of these companies can really open up new doors to your buying experience.

I want to touch on Fashiongo, LAshowroom and Orangeshine. These companies serve not only as directories but as virtual showroom spaces where you can view thousands of wholesalers, interact with them and purchase their product. These three sites have become incredibly large and important as much of the buying for stores and boutiques moves online. If you haven’t already I would suggest signing up for these sites and browsing the manufacturers.



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