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Thoughts on opening a second boutique

For those of us boutique owners who are lucky enough to be successful and able to support ourselves through our work the question eventually comes up, should I expand the business? This of course is a very personal decision. Despite what some may say, opening a second store is THREE times the amount work as having just one. Depending on the location you choose you can’t depend on name recognition and will need to develop a completely new customer base. You need to weigh the opportunity versus (bigger profits, expansion of the brand, success!) the opportunity costs (less time with family, double the staff to manage, risk of not seeing success repeated, etc).
 My husband and I have spoken about this so many times I can’t even keep track anymore. We always come back to the fact that I started this women’s fashion boutique to do what I love while still being able to be there for my family. Opening a second store, though fun and exciting, would take that balance away. That doesn’t mean it is not an option in a few more years when the kiddos are more independent. Something to look forward to (and start planning for)!!



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