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Spring Season Top Trends

It’s March and Spring buying is upon us. Let’s take a look at the top trends for Spring 2017!

Floral is with out a doubt the hottest print this year.  Large detailed  floral prints are super in and don’t be surprised if this trend goes all the way into Fall.  The great thing about floral is that it is universally loved, you won’t go wrong stocking up with floral, your customers will love it!

Cold Shoulders have been gaining steam for the last year and the designs have taken on a life of their own. Some ladies aren’t to big on showing the shoulders but don’t be surprised if this trend finds itself on even the most modest of women.

Lattice and lace up blouses are notoriously a garment garnish for only the sexy and daring fashionista but in Spring 2017 we expect to see this trend take on a whole another life.

Alert! Bohemian is not going away any time soon. The room tunics that can be paired with light leggings or a lace up boots are here to stay in 2017.  This flowy romantic style mixed with exotic details and embellishments will continue to be a big hit in 2017!



Primrose Yellow, Blush, Taupe, Blue Mint, Pastel Green, Fuchsia



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