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Updated Spring Trends

Spring is coming to a close and we are about to venture in to buying summer trends so I thought we could go over the top three trends that we have seen this 2017.

  1. Cold Shoulder – This trend is showing itself all across the country. It has been a trend building for years and now we are seeing it fully blossom in 2017 with dozens of unique cuts on different cuts of tops, dresses and jump suits.
  2. Floral – Floral is always a winner inside any boutique but even more so in 2017 has this trend taken on a new life.  Dynamic floral prints with large popping designs and intricate graphics are the popular takes on this trend.
  3. Tunic Dress – This might be the last year that the ever so popular cut of tunic dresses leads the pack as the most popular cut. I would assume by the end of this year this trend will loose steam but let that not take away from its current popularity as the go to body cut.



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