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Top 5 2019 Fall Trends

  • By Anna M

#1 - Animal 

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Animal has been climbing to the top trend for many months now. This classic print that is usually reserved for a certain demographic and/or a certain southern geography has now found its way into every closet for every age. The two-tone animal, colored animal, and big animal prints are takes on this style we are seeing frequently.

#2 - Camo

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You can always count on camo being a big Fall seller but perhaps more so in 2019 we are seeing this routine print pop up everywhere.  Full camo blouses, full sweater camo and some sequin embellishments are making solid rounds.

#3 Colorblock - 

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We believe colorblocks are reaching their peak popularity in 2019. Just about every vendor is doing some formation of this trend with either animal, camo, plaid and tie dye. Customers still can't get enough of this trend and I expect it to be around another year going strong.

#4 Plaid/Gingham

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This is one of my favorite trends thats pops up every holiday months and I find very pretty and classy.  The print makes for great sweaters, cardigans and hoodies. I would expect to see this everywhere around November and look for oversized plaid prints, those will be hot!

#5 Tie Dye

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What, really, Tie dye? Yep that's right. Get ready for the biggest trend over 2020 spring because it is going to be a tie dye take over. If you haven't noticed the 90's trends looming large you won't have any choice come next year when tie dye goes full blown. This trend is creeping in and selling very well in Fall (which says a lot about 2020 trends to come) and as surprising as it is to see this trend in Fall/Winter it just goes to show you the power of this once massive trend resurfacing once again.

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