Why Wholesale Clothing Store Owners Need A Return Policy

Why Wholesale Clothing Store Owners Need A Return Policy

When you are running an online store selling wholesale clothing, a return policy is an absolute must-have. By the chance that customers order the wrong size clothing or want a return or exchange for any other reason, you will need a return policy that is easy to notice and understand somewhere on your website. Customer experience for online stores, of course, is too important to believe otherwise.

If you are one of thousands of store owners who sell products from plus sale wholesale vendors, here are a few tips for creating a successful return policy:

Put Your Return Policy in A Place That Is Easy to Find

As mentioned before, you will need to dedicate a space on your website for your return policy, whether it is on the footer of every page or on its own entire page.

Customers will look for your return policy both before and after they make purchases, so where you place your return policy is very important.

Stores will also print their return policy on receipts or invoices in the chance that customers are looking for a convenient place to know about how to start a return or exchange. If your purchases come with invoices of your customer’s transactions, think about where to also put your return policy on it.

Stick to Your Policy’s Guidelines

You will need to be consistent with the guidelines you lay down. What customers will look for in a return policy the most is the return window, or the number of days they have to return the item since making the purchase. The return window should rarely ever change, with the exception of a few of your most loyal customers. It’s okay to let something slide here and there when it comes to a repeat customer that has purchased from you before a number of different times. A return policy keeps you competitive with other stores who have return policies and gives you an edge over ones that still don't.

How to Implement Returns on Your Store’s Website?

There are several ways for your website to offer returns for unsatisfied customers. First, you can create a return form on your website. This allows customers to inquire about a possible return at any time of day, and that request goes to the email address linked to that form. You or another employee would get back to that customer via email and give them instructions for how to complete the return.

You can also opt to implement a live chat box to your website. This allows you to engage with visitors as they visit your website, so you can ask whoever is browsing for what they need. If they say they need to make a return, you can simply show them how to do so right then and there. This is a great approach to take if you monitor your website all the time and want to deal with customer problems in real-time.

Information about the customer’s purchase should include the customer’s name, address, email address, and reason for return. If defective products are often a reason for a return, it’s a sign that you shouldn’t put that product back in stock.

You should specify what kind of return your store does, or options for the customer. These include store credit, cash, or credit card. We suggest giving your customers options for how to get their money back.

by Anna M – March 04, 2020