How to Buy Wholesale Clothing

How do you buy wholesale clothing?

This is by far the most common question I receive and it entails three elements.

1.) Where does one buy wholesale clothing?

This is the easiest to answer, if  you haven’t already, please visit the wholesale distributor page to view a nice list of online womens clothing wholesalers. You can also visit yearly fashion events where most distributors come together to sell to retailers and boutiques.  View those fashion exhibitions at the Fashion events page

2.) Can anyone purchase wholesale clothing and do I need special licenses?

When you first start purchasing wholesale merchandise it is a good idea to get a reseller’s license.  Why is this important? The resales license will enable you to buy wholesale goods for resale without paying sales tax. This is obviously a must since you will already be paying retail sales tax you certainly don’t want to have to pay an additional tax to purchase the goods from a distributor.  To receive a reseller’s license you should probably google your state requirements for signing up, as each state differs in its process.  I know for certain California needs a resales license and you can sign up here

Not all wholesalers require a resales license and many wholesalers are just distributors so they may not need to provide resellers license info for their transactions.  I still suggest getting one because you may have already browsed some wholesale sites and attempted to sign up with their site and noticed that some of them require a reseller’s license to even view product and prices.

3.) How do I go about purchasing and getting the quantity, sizes, etc.

When you visit a wholesale site and view a product it will list a couple different variables that pertain to that style.  The information charts will look something similar to the image below and it will always contain “Size Scale” and “Bundle Ratio”. Using this information you can deduct how much each piece will cost and what sizes you will be receiving in each bundle.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.12.21 PM.png

Some companies have purchase minimums. So for instance maybe styles come in packs of six but the company will not bother to pack an order for you unless you buy at least 6 packs of the same or different merchandise. I haven’t come across to many sites like this but nevertheless it exists and you are bound to run into them.