About Me

My name is Anna and I am a Tennessee native and former owner of a franchise of boutiques. I am a graduate of the University of Alabama where I got my degree in business.  Like most ladies I was absolutely enamored by all things fashion and always had a dream of owning my own fashion business.  It took a lot of years to start my business but when I did I was fortunate enough to have an awesome husband and best friends (unpaid helpers) who assisted every step of the way.

Starting my first boutique was very rough and I would say the hardest part was nailing down a local niche I could capture and of course the finances.  After a couple years of up and down financials I eventually built a solid following and was able to capture that financial consistency that every business needs to succeed.

This informational blog won't act as a magic wand and suddenly create a successful business for anyone who come across it. However I am confident that the information provided on this website will give you a better chance to succeed and at the very least answer some common questions you might have.

Your community changes, the economy changes and your life changes and it is always a tough battle being a business owner; with that said I can honestly say it has been one the most promising and enriching experiences of my life.

- Anna M