7 Best Clothing Wholesalers For Southern Boutiques

Southern boutiques need that something special to attract customers and in this post we will go over the seven wholesale vendors that can make your southern boutique shine!

If you've been inside a southern boutique you know that they have that extra charm, razzle dazzle and embellishment that can't be found in a big box store. The below list of wholesale clothing vendors will provide all you need as a southern boutique to keep your customers happy and adorned with everything from game-day attire, bags, screen prints, dresses in all the latest eye-popping southern trends.

7 Best Southern Wholesale Brands

We start our list with an accessories brand.

1. Something Special

Something Special LA is a jewelry and accessories wholesale company with a retail location found in the heart of Downtown LA's Fashion District. They carry a wide selection of fashion, costume, dressy, and everyday jewelry as well as brooches, hair accessories, scarves, and much more! We also carry a large collection of beautiful hats and fascinators. May it be for weddings, church, or the derby, this place has something for any and every occasion!

Boutiques carve out a large market of fashion with game-day merch, it's a way to offer mega team fans team pride merchandise that doesn't break the bank. This site has everything you need when it comes to merchandise.


2. Bloom Wholesale

Another notable feature to southern boutiques are the sweat deals they provide to their customers. And there is no better place to find discounted southern clothing then Bloom Wholesale.

I've been recommending Bloom as my favorite supplier for years, because of its connections with LA brands and their unique offloading business of closeouts you can score clothing that is up to 50% off.

A word to the wise, every Saturday they launch a couple hundred items at 9:00 am pacific and sell out fast. Check them out and stay on top of those deals to supply your boutique with door-stopping deals.

3. Shop Southern Belle

A staple addition to any boutique are screen tee's. If you are not stocked up with screen prints then you surely can't call yourself a southern boutique!

One of my favorite screen print companies is Shop Southern Belle, you can find them on Fashiongo and their personal site.

A word to the wise, if you can shop directly with a vendors usually you can get clothing up to 5-10% off versus shopping through a wholesale showroom like Faire, Fashiongo, Orangeshine, etc. This is because vendors like Southern Belle have to pay 10-15% commission to these wholesale showroom and thus pass the cost along. 

Southern Belle is 100% family owned and operated and provides not just screen prints but high quality embroidery applique. If you're not sure what that is just take a look at the images below that show examples applique's that can include sparkle sequins and more textured appliques that sport dazzling southern charm.

4. Southern Grace

Southern Grace is an apparel & accessories company that caters to boutiques who seek graceful southern fashion for everyday living.  This vendor offers a vast selection of screen printed tops, southern accessories, bags and even kids clothing.  Southern Grace has been around for over a decade providing amazing southern styles.  If you're looking to stock your boutique with reliable finds this is a must vendor. 

5. Haptics Clothing

Haptics is a top notch wholesale supplier that specializes in trendy, feminine and comfortable young contemporary clothing. Haptics is great for Mid-west and Southern boutiques offering a more classy take on all of the latest trends. I like Haptics because their prints are originally designed by them and they are affordable. Also they come in sizes Small thru 3x which is unique.

Haptics is available on fashiongo and their own direct site hapticsusa.  This company is always really early to release its trends. It's usually one of the first companies I look at to get a grasp on what is trending for the upcoming season.

You can't go wrong with Haptics. They've been around for a long time and they are one of the top vendors in USA.

6. KatyDidWholesale

Hop over to their western collection and dive into the cutest southern trends that will sure to excite your customers.  Katydidewholesale has grown really fast in the last couple years and for perhaps good reason. They are the #1 place to go for bags and accessories including tumblers, bows, hats, belts, bags, trucker hats, and so so much more.

Katy is one of my all time favorites and would be higher on the list if it was slightly less expensive. However if you want unique and original prints then you've sometimes got to pay the price for such items. 


Most of the products are designed and finished in the USA and have a high quality finish. Founder Katy Messersmith designs every Katydid Wholesale product herself, so you can guarantee it’s going to look and feel great. When you order with Katydid Wholesale, you’ll see the quality in every product and the southern charm added to each piece.

7. Southern Fried Chics

Not everything can be affordable and if you have southern gals that are willing to pay a pretty penny for some top notch southern items then Southern Fried Chics is your place. Get ready to salivate over the hottest southern boots available for wholesale purchase. This company has to be one of the trendiest southern clothing vendors I have ever come across. So why number seven? Because it's really only for high priced clientele.


By this point you have seen a wide array of southern wholesale items from affordable to fancy and my suggestion is to try a little bit of everything for your boutique. It's hard to know what your clientele will like and be willing to pay for so it's best to try it all and see what sticks.  Eventually you will need to narrow down in on a niche so your customers can easily identify your store for a certain item they have in mind.  

I hope this lists serves you will and if you have any suggestions or input on other great vendors I am open to adding to the list.

Happy shopping shoppers!