How to Grow an Instagram Following

How to Grow an Instagram Following

Instagram the most popular platform in the world for building your brand, increasing your sales, and growing your boutique business. Finding a great instagram strategy can take your business to new heights!  Here are our top 5 tips for growing your boutique store on Instagram! 

Working the Bio

It's all about first impressions, especially on social media, the contents of your Instagram bio can make or break a new customer experience. There is a simple strategy for writing the contents of your bio. Above all else make sure you are making the most of that short piece of content to engage with customers. Below are the top 4 things your Instagram bio should have:

  • Make your bio CLEAR & easy to READ. A mixed up paragraph will be quickly looked over. If you can’t catch their attention here, chances are your feed won’t either! 
  • Those line breaks...they need to be less than 4 lines long. We shared a few weeks back about how Instagram added a See More … addition if your bio was longer than 4 lines.
  • Put bios in the notes section of your phone. There you can set it up and add in the line breaks. They will transfer over once you paste them into Instagram.
  • Keep it to a150 character limit. Remember short & sweet but POWERFUL.

Content is King

Just like SEO, quality content matters. Posting content that your customers don’t want to engage with is a huge no no. Do not just post just to post anything. Always put yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about what you would want to engage with.  It can really work against you in fact if your posting mundane blah content. 

Also try implementing video content into your strategy. Multi media is key!

Stick to a Schedule

Sticking to a content calendar will not only lead to Instagram favoring your content, but will also give you a better organized workflow.


Utilize Live Stores and Engagement Tools

Instagram has a growing scope of tools that cater to engagement such as the Live feature and stories features. These are awesome tools that can easily get your viewers engaged to increase brand awareness on Instagram. Using story features such as polls or quizzes are also an easy way to collect customer feedback. Don’t be afraid of pressing that Live button, you got this!

by Anna M – May 23, 2022