Why Shopify Is Best For Your Boutique

Why Shopify Is Best For Your Boutique

Shopify is the #1 web hosting provider for retail, let's explore why and how it can help your boutique.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that simplifies all facets of running a business. This hosting supplier is not only for online businesses; any user can start and grow their business. You can use Shopify in person at a pop-up shop, on the web, on a mobile phone, at brick-and-mortar locations, and even on social media. 

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Shopify handles any tool a business owner needs for product management, inventory, payments, and shipping in one place. Blocking all of the capabilities eliminates the need to use multiple platforms. 

Access is available worldwide from any compatible device with internet capabilities. It is cloud-based and hosted. Software upgrades, server upgrades, and maintenance are handled remotely. Shopify agents still address requests quickly. 

Shopify allows you to personalize your websites, creating a unique shopping experience for your customers. From here, you can promote and sell your brand across social media sites and marketplaces. In addition, you can reach a wider customer base with customer engagement and marketing tools. Shopify has a messaging, inbox, and chat capabilities. 

The app allows customers to check out quickly and track their order and shipment details. When in person, Shopify acts as a POS system. You can still track all inventories and sales from your device. 

Growth tools on this platform include a logo maker, slogan maker, QR code generator, and more. You can also select and host your domain through Shopify.

Shopify Pricing:

Pricing of this service ranges from $29 per month to $299 per month, depending on the business owner's needs. The basic package is for businesses that are just starting and selling products in person now and again. The middle-tiered package (“Shopify”), priced at $79 per month, is the best for growing businesses that sell online and in-store. Finally, the highest tier package is for more prominent companies that need advanced reporting tools. 

One significant difference in pricing differences is inventory locations. Shopify allows consumers to track inventory through their platform and where the list is physically located (e.g., a warehouse, if you dropship, etc.). In addition, you are allowed to track your inventory in multiple locations using your Shopify Membership. Shopify membership assigns inventory to a store, pop-up, or warehouse – anywhere you store your products. You can assign between four and eight inventory locations.

The second significant difference is reporting. Each report will be detailed depending on the features attached to your plan. Note that the primary and standard plans do not calculate third-party shipping rates. Instead, they offer shipping discounts (77% to 88%) and labels. Shopify and Advanced packages give the option of USPS cubic pricing. 

The last thing to note in Shopify’s membership pricing is currency conversions and taxes. The Advanced membership is the only one that allows you to calculate duties and import taxes and set prices based on each varying market. For example, if your business is located in the United States, but you are doing a pop-up shop in Paris, Advanced will assist you in setting the product price in euro currency. Again, this feature is only for the Advanced membership, which gears towards use by bigger businesses. 

The Benefits of This Service:

So, what are the benefits of using Shopify, and why does your business need this platform? The first is simplicity. Shopify blends technology and training to grow and manage your business. It allows you to go around the world with your business. If you prefer to stay in one location, you can do that too.

This application takes all the guesswork out of building or running a business. It is one thing to have an idea. It is another to be given tools to generate success. You may not understand all the reports, but Shopify’s core system will teach you. 

Maybe you have been running your business for years, and you are used to taking time away from your brand to do the behind-the-scenes work. Inventory management, pricing, shipping labels, running a POS system separately, and more. Shopify allows you to step into an era of ease for your business. 

Second, the pricing is compatible with the services. If your business is just starting, then you know you may not have additional cash to put into a service like this. Or, maybe you are only able to invest in one of the many service platforms you’re your business will eventually require. That is OK! Shopify’s introductory package price makes this service assessable to any business. As your business grows, your membership can too! 

Third, and probably the best benefit of Shopify, is that it is cloud-hosted and managed. You can take your business anywhere in the world. Worldwide promotion leads to growth. If you are the type that likes to work on vacation or vacation where you work, this will work for you. You can take this anywhere and still be able to keep up with behind-the-scenes functions, such as inventory management. 

Lastly, Shopify allows drop shipping! For those that may not be familiar, drop shipping is simply outsourcing manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping to third-party sellers. Imagine that your friend owns a business, and they pay you to make, stock, and ship your product on their behalf. Drop shipping is great for first-time business owners as it gives them (you!) time to focus more on marketing. In addition, you can test products and product lines for little to zero risk while you grow your business.  

We Are Here to Help!

Because running a business online is now one of the best ways to do so, I highly encourage you to consider using Shopify. You do not need Facebook groups. You need your real estate (so to speak) and control over the content your viewers see (enter… the Facebook algorithms that inevitably “hide” your content from potential shoppers). We hope this information has been helpful in your journey. Please contact us at Buy Wholesale Clothing for more tips and tricks!  

by Anna M – August 08, 2022

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