8 Fashion Trends from Fall 2024 Preview (Updated)

8 Fashion Trends from Fall 2024 Preview (Updated)

Fall 2024 season hasn't arrived but the clothing has, let's take a peak at the trending styles.

Fresh off Summer buying, we barely turn our heads and suppliers are releasing their 2024 Fall previews! It's hard to believe when we're amidst 100 degree weather what the reigning trends for Fall 2024 will be, but so far let's take a look at what's were seeing.

Top 8 Trends in Fall 2024

1. Game Day

Game day apparel offers an amazing opportunity for boutiques in those "wild about football" parts of the country to score some sales.  Most college students are on a budget so they don't have the money to buy the overpriced copyright sweaters and apparel that the universities release and that is where boutiques can step in and provide some affordable and more fun options to adorn and support your favorite football teams.

If you are one of those fortunate boutiques to be nestled in Tennessee, Alabama or Florida, you cannot go wrong with stocking your shelves with some game day apparel.


2. Puffer Vests


Puffer quilted vests were a hot seller last year and that usually means it's good for another year.  You cannot go wrong with stock up on affordable quilted vests in a variety of customers. This sporty piece can be adorned with just about any fall or winter outfit.

The puffer vest in this image is a quilted woven but I would expend to see some more textured vests that could include ribbed design, cotton materials and other materials that are trending for the season.

3. The Color Green

Every year there is always one color that rises about the rest. Of course black is usually the #1 color picked but so far we are seeing a lot of forest green being purchased. I think its finally the year camel and rust get overtaken, we'll see!

If Green is to stay a strong color then I would expect Burgundy or Maroon to be a strong color as it pairs well with green. In the past couple seasons we've been seeing a surprising amount bright and colorful colors in the beginning parts of Fall. I would be cautious with these colors as you could get burned. The problem is these exotic colors are fun and some customers really want them but then out of nowhere they drop in popularity and everyone switches to the dull Fall colors and you are left with shelves full of long sleeve colorful tops that you won't be able to sell for another 365 days.


4. Plaid

Oh look at that! I puffer vest and plaid, we've got ourselves a winner.

Plaid has been ultra strong the last two years and I expect it to do very well this year.  Plaid, like floral is one of those trends that you really never lose on. So be sure when your doing your Fall and Winter buying to stock up on some unique takes on this classic trend.

5. Henleys

Henley's are making an early run as the latest up and coming trend. Buttons of some variations are always going to be a winner and it looks like the sleek and sexy button henley will be our Fall winner of 2024.

If this trend breaks out look for this henley trend to be adorned across not just tops but sweaters and dresses. 

6. Big Florals

Florals have been the #1 trend for the last three years and just like 7 years ago when they were the #1 trend the trend peaked when the floral turned big. Looks like its not different this time around as overly large floral prints are trending really well the last couple weeks. You cannot go wrong with florals as they are a classic print that will never stay long on the shelves of any boutique. Expect to see this trend a top tops, dresses and sweaters like the one images above.

Ditsy florals are a great addition as well and they sold great in summer season. Ditsy however is usually more attributable to Spring and Summer and Floral if done in the fall and winter usually has a more toned down look or in the case of big florals is a unique perspective on the classic trend.

7. Stripes

Two Fall trends were no were to be seen in 2023 Fall/Winter, that being stripes and camo. One of those is making a return and it's not camo. Stripes are a classic design and are usually always making a strong place in the season. However I would limit your stripe purchasing to large color block type stripes like the ones imaged above. Anything outside of that is untested at this point and not a necessary buying risk. 

Expect this trend to be on tops and dresses but it worth noting that a good stripe dress can be highly desirable. Look out for this trend to gain in traction and make an even stronger push come 2025 spring.

7. Bows

Bows made a strong push last season being adorned by bows, tops and jewelry. We're seeing even more bows at the start of this fall season. The verdict is not out at Buywholesaleclothing wether this will continue to be a strong trend so buyer beware on this one.  The problem with these random trends that come out of nowhere is that as quickly as they appear they disappear and vanish.

Bows is by now means a classic trend so if you are not confident about this trend and your not getting inquiries from customers I would steer clear of this trend.


Early popular fall trends that emerge in July and August don't always stick around but thats also why they are usually tamed down trends like henleys, plaid, etc. As the Fall season carries on and we get into September you get to see the real unique trends that are specific to that year and season. One that that does emerge soon and stays that way is usually color. Since we're seeing a lot of green this year its safe to say that rust and camel will not be so popular as it once was and a new blend of colors around the greenish hue will do really well for 2024.

That concludes the five strong early trends were seeing for 2024, happy shopping shoppers!

by Anna M – June 24, 2024

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