Why Staying on Top of Fashion Trends is So Essential for Boutique Owners

Why Staying on Top of Fashion Trends is So Essential for Boutique Owners

It’s not always critical for chains and larger retailers to follow these trends, but this is not the case for boutique owners. In fact, staying on top of fashion trends is one of the most important factors in being a successful boutique owner. Continue reading to learn why staying on top of fashion trends as a boutique owner is so essential. 

Top Reasons to Stay On Top Of Fashion Trends

Following Fashion Trends Will Improve Sales

If a boutique is not following fashion trends, then beginning to do so may lead to drastically improved sales. Your boutique’s image may not be based on certain styles, which may mean that you avoid current trends alltogether. While this is understandable, it could be hindering the growth of your boutique. 

Following trends does not have to eliminate unique style of boutique. In some cases, you may be able to stick with the general theme, and then follow the trend of current styles. Of course, this will not always be the case. However, carrying some trendy clothing options is still a good idea. It could attract new customers who will come to the boutique for the current trends, but this can also lead them to browse other wares as well. 

Follow Trends to Compete with Other Boutiques

Realistically, boutiques need to follow fashion trends to some degree in order to succeed - unless they have control over a particular niche which keeps people coming back. If boutiques were to continue to always try to sell the same or similar clothes, they are bound to fail in the long run. When customers come back in to see the same or hardly different items, it tells them that they don’t need to bother coming back. They already know what is there. 

In other words, you will quickly begin losing customers to competition that are carrying newer and more relevant inventory. Staying on top of what is popular and having those types of clothing or products will be key to staying relevant in the sea of boutiques.

Don’t Completely Change Your Business Model

When you adopt trends, it does not mean that you have to remove what you normally sell. This will push away regular customers. The idea is to do both! The current niche and customers will remain the same, but staying on top of fashion trends will help to attract new customers as well. You do not have to cut off your old business inventory and model to grow and embrace trends. 

How to Stay on Top of 2022 Fashion Trends

If you haven’t tried to stay on top of 2022 fashion trends before, then you may have no idea where to start. Fortunately, there are several great sources that you can look to for what is trending in the industry. 

The first and probably most informative of these sources is often social media. Social media will show trending fashion hashtags, reveal what everyone is talking about, and show how popular current trends are. This information can easily be used to figure out how you can apply current 2022 fashion trends to your boutique. This will also inform you about what you need to change. Vogue and other fashion-related magazines can also be great up-to-date source for trends in the fashion world. 

If you would like to go more in-depth about tracking trends, then you can even use Google Trends to find out what people are searching for. You can also receive alerts related to these keywords. It is up to you how far in depth you’ll go to stay on top of trends. However, all of the above are great methods to locate current trends. 

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

As mentioned above, social media is one of the best places to find out the current fashion trends in 2022. Not only this, it is also the best place to promote your offerings and any new trendy inventory.. Social media is one of the most powerful tools that a boutique can use to grow their business. It lets you put yourself and your products in front of a massive audience. It also helps you find the right groups who are interested in what you have. 

This is Not Fast Fashion

The idea here is not to follow fashion trends in the ways that fast fashion brands do. This is actually impractical. You want to stay on top of trends to see if anything you sell is potentially trending. 

You can bring in inventory that aligns with some of the current trends. This does not mean you keep swapping trends in-and-out like fast fashion does. Fast fashion brands tend to sell cheap clothing that does not last long, and this is something you should avoid. You want to continue to maintain high-quality products, with some attention on trends that could bring in an entirely new customer base. High-quality products that will feel fresh for current customers, and new ones-alike. 

Looking for Quality Wholesale Options for Your Boutique? 

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Our goal has always been to help boutique owners find accessible, affordable wholesale options to source their products from. Whether you are just beginning, or are looking to change sources, we hope that we can answer your questions. If you would like to see more from us, you can enter your email on our site and join our mailing list.

by Anna M – October 03, 2022

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