How to Open A Wholesale Clothing Store on FaceBook?

How to Open A Wholesale Clothing Store on FaceBook?
FaceBook is used by over a billion people on the planet, and this has allowed many businesses to grow on this platform. Using Facebook as a means to sell products, such as wholesale clothing, is great for multiple reasons. First, you already have a way to market to customers in need of clothes, whether near or far away. Whenever you are posting new content, you are already reaching out to potential customers. Secondly, FaceBook offers multiple ways to purchase goods right on your page. Social media has evolved in many ways to add convenience for many users to help them make purchases easier than ever before.

Users nowadays are constantly looking for new clothes in more places than just Google, so there happens to be many opportunities where they can find or come across stores right on FaceBook, and not just business or social media pages, but actual stores. It’s just a matter of finding those customers on FaceBook for businesses like your to be capable of making more sales without the need of your own website or physical location.

Here Is How You Can Manage A Wholesale Clothing Store Right from FaceBook:

Give Your Store Its Own Page

If you already have a FaceBook account, you will need to create another just for your store. Stores for FaceBook, however, are their own special kind of accounts, known as “FaceBook Page Shops”. A FaceBook Page Shop is an account that is optimized to display and sell products that you can offer to other users. Checking out is also done right on the page, so there is no need to use a third-party site to complete the transaction. More information about FaceBook Page Shops can be found on FaceBook’s Business Help Center.

Choose A Third-Party E-Commerce App

You can alternatively use a third-party app to create an e-commerce store within a FaceBook page, and this is the direction we recommend for most clothing store owners. The purpose of having an app is to provide users with more appealing user interfaces, get more features and pages for your store, and other features that FaceBook might not have available on its own. The most known ones are Wix, Shopify, Square, Squarespace, and BigCommerce. Each of them has an array of features, payment options, and different prices. Consider one of these if you are more serious about marketing and want that added presentation that comes with an e-commerce store.

Link Your App to FaceBook

All these e-commerce apps can thankfully be used in conjunction with your store on FaceBook. So you can manage your trendy southern boutique wholesale clothing store right from your app on your phone, and any changes you make will appear on FaceBook, from either your phone or computer. Store owners find it easy to take pictures of clothing products and quickly upload them to create new or updated product pages, whereas doing it from FaceBook itself just takes more time and patience. If you have a whole collection of products that you want to take pictures of and upload, you will find it far easier to do with the right third-party app.

Thanks to technological advancements in social media, FaceBook is now a lucrative platform for more businesses than ever before. While it’s not ideal for already successful businesses, it is extremely valuable to startups and small businesses.


It is now easier than ever before to open a store on FaceBook. You can either use a FaceBook Page Shop on its own or with the help of an e-commerce app to make it look professional.

by Anna M – May 16, 2020