How to Start an Apparel Business by Purchasing from Wholesalers?

How to Start an Apparel Business by Purchasing from Wholesalers?

If you are considering going into the clothing industry then your best bet is obtaining your products from bulk wholesale clothing suppliers. This ensures that you buy low and sell high, therefore, making a substantial profit. Buying from wholesalers is not as difficult as other people make it sound so long as you find the right people with the best products you are good to go.

Get Clearance from Concerned Authorities

The first process in any business is dealing with the legal framework of your business. This involves securing all the required permits and licenses to operate a business in your locality. To begin with, you will require both the state and city license to keep your doors open. It is also important to ensure your business against common risks such as theft, burglary, and fire. The next process is to source your products from bulk wholesale clothing suppliers and the business will be ready for its first customer.

Besides the above concerns, location is another important factor to put into consideration. Your business needs to be located in a place with high traffic of people. The location should be also easily accessible, clean and with essential amenities and utilities such as water among others. It also helps to have a marketing plan in place since you are a new business and you need people to know about your brand.

Choose Your Niche Carefully

It is next to impossible selling something that you don't know who is going to wear it. Before you open your doors, you need to make up your mind on the target customer base. If you are unable to make a decision then you can perform market research and see which areas of the clothing industry are under-served in your locality. Determining your niche also helps you to set a proper business plan which will guide your business as you continue to grow in the industry.

Work with Several Wholesalers

Once you have established your business plan the next step is to look for suppliers. Keep in mind that long term working relationship is essential for a business like yours and it is therefore important to maintain a good working relationship with your suppliers.

Where to Find the Right Suppliers?

There are numerous ways you can find the best suppliers for your business. The first way is to visit different websites that work with several clothing brands. Another option is to go for a specific website of the clothing brand you would like to work with.

Contacting the Supplier

You can easily obtain the contacts of the different suppliers on the websites you have visited before. You can decide to contact the supplier either directly through the site or make your orders through a phone call or email. Sometimes you may be required to provide proof of a legitimate business. This involves presenting your business permit among other documentation. While contacting the supplier remember to make inquiries on different terms and conditions to avoid legal tussles due to breach of contract.

by Anna M – March 15, 2020