5 Tips to Improve your Boutique Photos

5 Tips to Improve your Boutique Photos

Boutique presentation used to mean billboards, racks, wooden floors, cute hangers, etc. Things have obviously split in the last decade and now boutique presentation can also apply to your online aesthetics. When it comes to your facebook, instagram, or website the difference maker between a good boutique and a great one is the quality of the images. In this article we will go over five helpful tips to improve your online presentation by enhancing your product photographs.

The 5 Ways to Improve Your Photos

1.) Variety

Maybe you managed to attain a great model and backdrop but if you don't mix it up with variety of models and scenery then you can come off looking drab. People love effort and they notice it instinctively, if you go through the time to switch it up with indoor shots and lifestyle as well as mix in a couple different models this energy will pay off with your audience. 

2.) Image Quality and Consistency

When online sites first became prominent one would have to hire a professional photographer or purchase an expensive cannon camera. We are so fortune with phone and camera technology as good as it is to utilize these devices to create stunning professional images.  I have two tips when it comes to snapping away on your phone. One, be careful on overdoing it with the filters. My suggestion is to always use the least contrast filter and gear more towards warmer then cooler. When you've settled on the filter you like be sure to apply it to all of the images (at least for that season) and don't mix it up the next week with a different filter.  Secondly, lighting is still extremely important. I'm sure you've noticed outside shots have a certain depth and richness to them compared to inside shots, so if possible shoot outside (overcast days are the best or mornings) or in a well lit room.

3.) Still vs Life Style

I am writing this in 2021 and at the moment life style is very much in trend. So grab your models, put them on a sidewalk and let them stroll down the town while you snap away.  Off model shots that are done on hangers or laid flat on wood are also really in right now. You can add accessories, flowers, hats to the image and this "Pinterest" style photography can come across professional and save you time and money versus shooting on a model.


4.) Model Fit

Plus size has been doing really well the last couple of years. If you can get your hand on a plus size model this will drastically improve your sales.  When it comes to shooting your regular sizes you might think getting the average sized girl is the way to go.  Perhaps for some companies it is but it's still my experience that you will have the most success when shooting on a size small.  This doesn't mean you can't mix it up with model sizes. See what works for you!

5.) Mix up Accessories

We talked a little about accessories and putting effort into your shots but really this deserves its own category. You can enhance each photoshoot by adding 2-3 different totes or bags as well as mixing up the bottoms with pants and shorts. Pay specific attention to detail and don't short cut on the accessories.  I guarantee you will have more success with your images if you concentrate on the accessories, background and model then you do on professional image quality.

Best of luck!

by Anna M – June 29, 2021

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