Top 3 Trends of Fall 2021

Top 3 Trends of Fall 2021

Fall buying is upon us!  We've examined the charts and gathered the data and it's time to get an early look at the hottest trends for fall 2021.

1.) Button Jackets (Fleece and Denim)

Oh my these are hot. Usually at this time of the year we see imports (jackets, coats, acrylic sweaters) bought up first, but even more so this year there seems to be a mass frenzy for import goods and fleece jackets currently reign supreme.
You can see in the image below, this jacket reeks cool and cozy vibes. 

You can never go wrong with fleece and customers are willing to pay $40-$60 to add one of these winter hugging garments to their wardrobe.


The below button down jackets have the same look and feel as the fleece but give the customer a hipper heavier material in denim and cotton. 

2.) Plaid

Plaid is always a hot seller in Fall but I'm seeing a lot of surprising early action in this trend more so then years past. Currently plaid jackets are doing amazing; long sweeping, pocket equipped button down plaid jackets are a can't miss. 

Plaid ponchos, sweaters and blouses will also be an amazing hit. Gingham plaid will still be great for the midwest boutiques and the plaid design like the one imaged below can play in any region.

These items can range from $30 - $60, the great thing about plaid is it's never considered a cheap trend style. 

3.) Tribal

Not only does fall bring plaid fever but it also make tribal the go-to print a top fall garments. Tribal ponchos and jackets like the one below are a can't miss but I also expect to see this print take over where the animal print left off last fall. Expect cardigans, color blocks, vests and blouses to adorn this exotic and flavorful print. 

Below is a sharp example of a take on a tribal blouse. It just gives me the fresh vibes and I'm confident in saying your customers will likely feel the same. 

We are really only one to two months into the fall pre order buying and I expect things to develop a bit more trend wise. However if the past is any marker for the future, the trends we see dominate in the first month of fall preview buying should hold strong through the season. 

Happy shopping shoppers!




by Anna M – July 09, 2021