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Top 5 Trends of Spring 2022

  • By Anna M

1.) Patch Work

This trend has its roots in the bohemian trend that we saw recently popularized some 5 years ago. It's on the loom once again and should make a big splash in 2022. Expect florals, paisley and other fun exotic prints a top this quirky and unpredictable pattern.

2.) Crochet & Lace

Crochet and lace are a timeless tradition in the spring seasons but in 22' we're expecting these trends to make an even bigger hit than usual. Embroidery a top woven loose fitting blouse is a sure fire hit. I'm also excited about the combos of crochet and lace with prints like florals and color blocks (image below.)

3.) Spring Floral Dresses

We're not talking your ordinary floral dresses. No no, I'm thinking bigger, better and more exciting than ever. Expect the floral dresses to take on that boho unpredictable mood which could look like multiple color block like the image above or a ditsy floral patchwork surplice dress like the one imaged below. Whatever the spiced up look I think it will be adorned with charming cute and likely smaller floral prints. 

4.) Color Blocks

Have you had enough color blocks? Apparently the customers have not. Color block are one of the most popular trends in the last three years and yet again in 22' we will see likely the final variation on this highly popularized trend. I'm digging the staggered color block above with button shoulders, this is a great example of the dynamic variation we will see on this trend.


Pictured below is a top seller in the fall seasons now brought to life in the spring with vibrant spring colors.

5.) Kimonos

Who doesn't love a good kimono. This popular layering item is getting an upgrade with new dynamic prints like patchwork and lengthier duster cuts. Bell sleeves and tie front cuts like the one images above will also play really well!

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