Five Winter Fabrics Available from Wholesale Distributors

Five Winter Fabrics Available from Wholesale Distributors

Believe it or not, but August and September are the months in which you should be thinking about ordering wholesale winter clothing for your store. You would like some time to secure your winter clothes in bulk, have them delivered to you, and have them ready for when consumers will need them before winter, rather than during winter. Getting a head start on selling winter clothing allows you to sell the most garments and make the most cash.

For those that aren’t aware of the types of winter fabrics you can order, the majority of clothes that are suitable for winter are typically thick, soft, and rugged, made to insulate the wearer by keeping warm air in and cold air out.

There are many fabrics used for making wholesale women’s clothing USA. What fabrics are winter clothes made of that you can find? There are five common ones, all of which are appealing in their own unique ways.

5 Winter Fabrics For Vendors


Cotton is also known as a summer fabric, as it’s a thin fabric. Thicker variations of cotton however can be strong enough to insulate heat for winter weather. Cotton is affordable, soft, and appealing to look at, making it ideal for sweaters and other winter garments. One thing to keep in mind though is that cotton is absorbent to moisture, so there are better fabrics used to make outerwear items like jackets and pants.


Wool is thick, fuzzy, and nicely warm. Wool for clothing comes from sheep, but there is also faux wool if you want to use artificial wool. How wool insulates is that it creates pockets of air all throughout its fibers. Cold occupies this air before it penetrates through so that the body stays warm and cozy. Wool is also a long-lasting and durable fabric, so you can count on it to make you big money this winter season.


Another material that comes from sheep, fleece is used to make coats, jackets, and pullovers. Fleece is light like wool, but it is also cheaper in comparison. Fleece can come in a nice, bumpy texture that feels soothing to the touch; as cozy as it looks, for sure. The caveat to fleece is that it is not water-resistant. There are scenarios where you might want to order fleece over wool, and vice versa.


Leather is smooth, durable, and beautiful. Leather is a tough fabric that can be made into jackets, pants, and belts. Not only can leather be worn during the winter, but all year round. The unique thing about leather is that it improves in comfort the more it gets worn. Unlike textured fabrics, leather is made to shield the cold completely. Like wool, manufacturers can also make faux leather garments for wholesale.


For fashionistas that love the animal look in coats and jackets, there are garments made of animal hair or fur. Known as the oldest fabric known to man, it’s always been effective in keeping people warm. In this present day, fur is often known for style due to the other clothing options, but it still does a great job keeping cold air out. Like wool and leather, there are faux fur options in the event you or your customers do not want anything to do with real animal fur.


Now is the time to consider buying winter wholesale clothing for your store so that you can prepare to sell them before the winter time. Five common winter fabrics include leather, cotton, wool, fleece, and fur. Consider each to sell for your clothing store via wholesale distributors.

by Anna M – August 12, 2020

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