Top 5 Trends of 2020 Spring

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1.) Tie Dye

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Tie dye is going to be the hottest trend for Spring & Summer 2020 and it's not even close. Finally we've got a trend to have fun with! Tie dye has been making in roads for little over a year and after just getting back from all the trade shows I can safely inform you that it's on everyones top priority list.

2. Color Blocks

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Color blocks are starting to peak out but with that said it is still a strong favorite to make customers happy. Expect to see a lot of different variety in cuts, mixed medias and well who knows! so much can still be done with this iconic and funky style.

3. Animal

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Last years top trend will still make a splash in 2020. I am currently seeing small animal as the top pick for boutique and customers a like. Something like that image above will be a strong with consumers.

4. Camo

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Always a consistent crowd please, camo is doing very strong and you can count on this timeless print to do well for customers. Expect to see it mixed in with color blocks and combined with animal.

5. Cut Outs

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Cut outs always feel like a risk to stock up on but they do really well for most body types and demographics. Take a chance on this trend and make a big splash for 2020!


by Anna M – February 18, 2020

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