Videos & Tutorials

Videos and tutorials

Below is a selection of videos that provides resourceful information on sourcing clothing vendors, creating live sales and more tips that will help you establish a thriving boutique business.

Many of these women are former and existing boutique owners who have developed businesses because they connected and learned from those who came before them. I am a big proponent on developing and continuing the learning process that will help you stay on top of your game.

The one thing I can tell you about this business is its rapidly changing. In fact when I first came into the market there were a couple huge players in the industry and within a half decade they were no where to be found. Just imagine if your a boutique in the last decade and you didn't go online or take advantage of social media? I can assure you the future will be just like the past and the boutique market as we know it will be entirely different a couple years from now.

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